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Cluster Platform specifications

HP Cluster Platforms combine the flexibility of a custom solution with the simplicity, reliability and value of a preconfigured, factory-built product. A modular framework and specific configuration designs enable flexible high-performance solutions from 5 to 1024 nodes, with a comprehensive menu of software options. In a streamlined process, HP builds, delivers and maintains these clusters and supercomputers for the best total customer experience. Clustering is simple and fast with the HP Cluster Platform.

»  HP Cluster Platform 3000 and 4000 Quickspecs

HP Cluster Platform 3000 HP Cluster Platform 4000 HP Cluster Platform 3000SL and 4000SL

Processor 1

Intel® Xeon TM Processors 5x00 Series, featuring the new 5600 processor

AMD Opteron 6200 Series: 8,12 and 16 Core

CP3000SL: Intel® XeonTM Processors 5600 Series
CP4000SL: AMD Opteron 6100 series

Compute node

ProLiant DL170e G6, DL160 G6, BL2x220c G7, BL280c G6 and  BL460c G7

ProLiant DL165 G7 and BL465c G7

ProLiant SL160s, SL170s, SL390s, ProLiant SL165s

Utility/Control node ProLiant DL380 G7 as well as compute nodes listed above

ProLiant DL385 G7 as well as compute nodes listed above

DL160 G6 or DL380 G7
DL165 G7 or DL385 G7

Number of nodes

Minimum: 1 Utility node, and 4 compute nodes

Maximum: Total of 1024 nodes (Utility + compute)

Maximum of 1024 nodes, more by request

Memory per node

DL170e: up to 192 GB

BL280c/BL2x220c: up to 96 GB

BL460c/DL380/DL160: up to 192 GB

BL385/465c: up to 512 GB

DL165: up to 384 GB

SL160s/170s/SL390s: up to 192 GB

SL165s: up to 512 GB

Disk/Media bays


DL160: 4 drives (SAS or SATA)

DL380: 16 SFF drives

BL2x220c: 1 SATA drive per server/2 per blade

BL280c: 2 SATA, SAS or SSD drives

BL465c: 2 drives

DL165: 8 SFF or 4 LFF drives (SATA or SAS)

DL385: 16 SFF or 8 LFF drives


SL170s: 2 LFF or 4 SFF SAS/SATA

SL390s 1U server: 2 NHP LFF or 4 SFF – SATA/SAS/SSD

SL390s 2U server: 4 HP and 2 NHP SFF – SATA/SAS/SSD

See columns to left for DL nodes


Integration available with pre-qualified ProLiant DL systems

Up to 3 NVIDIA Tesla M2050 modules per SL390s 2u; 8 modules per SL390s 4u (1/2 width trays)

Cluster interconnect2

4x DDR or 4x QDR InfiniBand and Gigabit Ethernet.

Management network

Gigabit Ethernet with 10/100 console network

SAN Storage in cab

Optional SB40c Storage Blade

Optional MSA2000 and MSA20/MSA30 Direct Attached

Optional SB40c storage blade per Server Blade

Optional MSA2000 and MSA20/MSA30 Direct Attached

Operating System options

Linux: Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SUSE SLES

Microsoft Windows Server 2008

Operating environment options

HP-MPI across all operating systems

HP HPC Linux Value Pack (HP-MPI, Platform LSF, SHMEM, and UPC)

Cluster management software options

Linux: HP Cluster Management Utility (CMU)

Windows: HPC Server 2008

Linux: HP CMU

Windows: HPC Server 2008

Linux: HP CMU

Windows: HPC Server 2008


  • High density packaging designed for optimal footprint and lowest entry price—available up to 128 compute nodes (delivered in 4 cabinets) and up to 512 blade nodes (1024 nodes with BL2x220c)

  • Modular packaging designed for expandability, with racks assembled as Compute Building Blocks for compute nodes and network switches, Utility Building blocks for control nodes and other cluster administration tasks, optional racked monitor and keyboard, and Interconnect Building Blocks for high performance interconnect switches

CP3000SL:72 compute nodes per Compute Building Block (in 42U rack), integrated with Utility Building Block

CP4000SL: 36 compute nodes per Compute Building Block


HP Enhanced Services available for platforms. HP offers on-site field installation. HP software support available for operating systems and HP software options.


Standard HW Warranties; software warranty specific to product options

  1. Processor speed availability varies by node. See ProLiant Server Quickspecs and web pages for options offered.
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